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Look here to find information on current projects happening in our community to enhance your water service. 

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Well Site Control Building

The Dripping Springs WSC is currently constructing a new building at our Well Field to replace the existing building that was constructed in 1964.  The new building is being constructed to house the electrical equipment, controls and disenfection for the treatment and distribution of our Groundwater source.  This improvement will increase the reliability from the well field with less down time from damaged equipment.  If you have any question please contact our office at 512-858-7897.

High Service Pump Improvments

The Dripping Springs WSC is currently replacing the High Service Pumps at two of our sites.  The Purpose of this project is to increase the capacity of the two pump stations and reduce power cost by installing VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) with these improvement. The WSC will be able to move water throughout our distrubtion system more efficiently and at a greater capaciy for the growing development coming to Dripping Springs.

Springlake Dr Water line replacment

The Dripping Springs WSC will be starting a water line replacment project down Springlake Dr.  Construction will go from the intersection of Springlake Dr and Oak Grove to Springlake Dr and Springvalley.  This is the first phase in a long term improvment to the Springlake subdivision to help improve water loss from an aging infrastructure.  Residents of Springlake should expect to see crews onsite in the early parts of February.  This project is set to increase the line size throughout Springlake to be able to add Fire hydrants through the subdivision over the next few years.  If you have any questions or comments please contact the Dripping Springs WSC during normal bussiness hours at 512-858-7897.

Advanced Meter Infrastructure

The DSWSC has contract crews working over the next few weeks installing poles to attach to our new Advanced Meter Infrastructure equipment. The poles will be placed in the right of ways.  The purpose of this project is to gather readings from our meters hourly instead of monthly.  With this new capability we are able to better service our customers by helping identify problems in days rather than months, potentially saving millions of gallons of water over the course of the year.  Some of our customers have already benefited from this program. With only a small amount of collectors installed, the DSWSC was able to identify 1,200,000 gallons of loss on customer side leaks for the month of January alone.  We understand that these poles can be a bit of an eye sore and are looking into ways to improve the appearance of the poles. We are currently working with landscapers and ornithologist to not only improve the look of these poles but also allow them to serve a secondary purpose for birds. If you have any questions or comments about this project please contact our office at 512-858-7897 during normal business hours.

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Dripping Springs WSC Launches a New Website!

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