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Dripping Springs Water Supply Approved New Water Rates

The following new rates were approved by the DSWSC Board of Directors on April 24, 2023 and become effective June 1, 2023.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your billing, please contact our office (512-858-7897)    Posted April 26, 2023

Approved New Rates:

Residential / Commercial no Irrigation Meter/ Irrigation Meter

0-4,000                          $2.25/1,000

4,001-8,000                 $3.75/1,000

8,001-12,000               $4.25/1,000

12,001-20,000             $5.25/1,000

20,001-30,000             $8.25/1,000

30,001-50,000             $13.25/1,000

50,001 and above       $18.00/1,000


Commercial with Separate Irrigation Meter

0-4,000                          $2.25/1,000

4,001-8,000                 $3.75/1,000

8,001-12,000               $4.25/1,000

12,001-30,000             $4.75/1,000

30,001-50,000             $7.25/1,000

50,001 and above       $9.25/1,000


The Dripping Springs Water Supply Board of Directors approved the following new Bulk Water Rates on October 24th with an effective date of November 1, 2022:

Hydrant Meters: $200.00/month per meter 

Bulk Station Users: Customers utilizing 50,000 gallons or more a month will be charged a  $100.00 fee 

Stage 3 Watering Restrictions and Schedule

The Dripping Springs Water Supply Board of Directors eased drought watering restrictions for all DSWSC members.  The effective date for drought stage 3 is May 01, 2023.  This drought stage is designed to reduce outdoor irrigation use in a continued effort to prolong our water supplies.  Though aquifer conditions have improved, continued rainfall/recharge west of Dripping Springs is necessary to fully recover.  Posted April 26, 2023

Once Per Week Watering Schedule: 6 Hours

Irrigate outdoors using your automatic irrigation system or your hose-end irrigation sprinklers no more than ONCE per week for 6 hours only during the following scheduled days and times.

Stage 3 Details

Residential: Automatic Irrigation

Odd addresses: Wednesday only

Even addresses: Thursday only

Residential: Hose-End Irrigation

Odd addresses: Saturday only

Even addresses: Sunday only

Commercial / HOA Common Areas

Odd addresses: Friday only

Even addresses: Tuesday only

Public SchoolsMonday only 

Watering Hours: 

Automatic: Midnight  to 6 AM

Hose-End: 7:00 AM - 10:00 AM  and  7:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Credit Card Services:

If you use payment processor Nexbillpay services to complete any transaction using your credit card or e-check, in person or online, you will be subject to a convenience fee to Nexbillpay.  Please note that you have other payment submittal options available with no associated fees including payment by check, cash or by bank draft ACH.  Members who wish to continue utilizing Nexbillpay will be required to re-establish online payment services.             

Posted 2/24/2022

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My Portal is under construction and out of service

Customers now have online access to their water usage information via the Dripping Springs WSC web site and the getMyMeter.info portal.

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve services to our customers, Dripping Springs WSC has upgraded our water meters with “smart” endpoints to help you monitor your water usage by offering you direct and secure access to your water usage data.  The Dripping Springs WSC web site now offers access to the getMyMeter.info portal and smartphone apps to review and analyze your water usage patterns. With these tools, you are now able to view your usage activity and gain greater understanding and control of the amount of water you use. You are also able to establish alerts, including identifying potential leaks and abnormal increases in your water usage.

We've made getting started easy, just click on either My Portal or getMyMeter.info.  To create a profile, you'll need your DSWSC billing account number listed on your statement. 


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